Bone substitutes are increasingly being used during orthopedic and dental procedures. We offer four OsproLife® products that are calcium phosphate biomaterials that can be used to fill bone voids or augment mechanically stabilized sites.

Our OsproLife® product range includes a bone substitute composed of pure hydroxyapatite (HA), OsproLife® HA, and one composed of pure beta-tricalcium phosphate (βTCP), OsproLife® βTCP. We also produce blends with increased resorbable characteristics as in OsproLife® HA-βTCP and OsproLife® HA-tetra calcium phosphate (HA-TTCP), OsproLife® HA-TTCP.

These are fully synthetic bioceramics and can be used in conjunction with multiple fluids including physiological saline, serum, patient blood, blood clot, or autologous bone. They can also be used in conjunction with bone marrow or other autologous or homologous types of bone tissue.


OsproLife® bone substitutes: resorbable granules and aggregates

Our four OsproLife® bone substitutes – OsproLife® HA, OsproLife® HA-βTCP, OsproLife® HA-βTCP, and OsproLife® HA-TTCP – vary in their chemical composition, granulometry and volumes and offer high osteoconductivity and resorbability.

OsproLife® bone substitutes have dental, craniomaxillofacial, orthopedic and spinal applications. They are indicated for non-load bearing bone defects.